Staff Directory


Photo of Lon Bosch

Mr. Lon Bosch

Vice Principal

Photo of Neal Siedlecki

Mr. Neal Siedlecki


Administrative Assistant

Photo of Cheryl Aasman

Mrs. Cheryl Aasman

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Andrea Finlay

Mrs. Andrea Finlay

Administrative Assistant

placeholder image for Jackie Welten

Mrs. Jackie Welten


Student Services

Photo of Monique Hosanee

Mrs. Monique Hosanee

Learning Services Facilitator


Photo of Kim Rae

Kim Rae

Counsellors, Teachers

Support Staff

Photo of Samantha Bachmeier

Samantha Bachmeier

Photo of Megan Carrier

Megan Carrier

Photo of Ashley Fisher

Mrs. Ashley Fisher

Community Coming Together

Photo of Amber Harnett

Amber Harnett

Photo of Kim Letkeman

Kim Letkeman

placeholder image for Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore


Photo of Gabe Sas

Gabe Sas

Photo of Alyssa Schimpf

Alyssa Schimpf


Photo of Rob Aberle

Rob Aberle

Photo of Nathan Bechtold

Nathan Bechtold

Photo of Sheldon Coderre

Sheldon Coderre

Photo of Wayne Deis

Wayne Deis

Photo of Carly Desjarlais

Carly Desjarlais

Photo of Scott Duchscherer

Scott Duchscherer

Photo of Chad Gans

Chad Gans

Phone: 403-527-5118

placeholder image for Courtney Irwin

Courtney Irwin

Photo of Angel Jackle

Angel Jackle

Photo of Rhonda Klein

Rhonda Klein

Photo of Chad Kletzel

Chad Kletzel

Photo of Jole Krassman

Jole Krassman

Photo of Guy Lanigan

Guy Lanigan

Photo of Rob McDonnell

Rob McDonnell

Photo of Greg Penney

Greg Penney

Photo of Sara Percy

Sara Percy

Photo of Jaimie Purcell

Jaimie Purcell

Photo of Kim Rae

Kim Rae

Photo of Juanita Risling

Juanita Risling

Photo of Cole Schreiber

Cole Schreiber

Photo of Tyler Stahl

Tyler Stahl

Photo of Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood


placeholder image for Brian Welten

Brian Welten

Head Custodian