Technology Vision

Our vision is to have students who will become competent users of "Technology" ... our students will possess a competitive advantage as they further their education and experience life-long learning.

  1. We want to establish the ability for video conferencing that will allow our students to interact and collaborate with others ( students, instructors, experts in the field - businessmen, scientists, authors, etc.) It is our hope that this technology would be available to be used by our Business Community and our Division Staff for professional development and effective cost and time saving online conferencing.
  2. Technology will also allow our teachers to take advantage of multimedia to ensure that a variety of student learning styles can be addressed through the development of project based learning and inquiry-oriented activities in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet. The projects and activities will be based on Alberta Learning Curricula.
  3. We see students using online electronic personal folders for assignments, multimedia projects, tests, etc. These folders will be accessible by the teacher and the parent. The electronic portfolio will assist the student with class and community presentations as well as during the student directed parent - teacher conferences.
  4. Our vision is to have homework and assignments accessible by students from home (this will be effective for students who have been absent). Marks and assignments will be accessible by the child's parents from any computer that has internet access.
  5. We also will establish a Cyber School
    • Students with timetabling concerns (Sports Academy or other Needs)
    • Gifted children will have opportunities online that are challenging and systematic.
    • Independent learners will have a broad range of opportunities that pushes a them to their next level of challenge.
    • Families who are abroad will have the opportunity to continue with Alberta Learning Curriculum online.
  6. Staff will have access from home to prepare and mark assignments without the need to drive to the school.
  7. Internet research pods will be set up in the library and in breakout rooms for group and individual development of project based and inquiry-oriented activities.
  8. A (Career and Studies Lab) CTS Lab will be set up to include technology strands that support and empower our students as they use multimedia simulations, hands-on activities and collaborative inquiry based projects to develop technological problem solving skills.