Fine Arts

Fine Arts Vision


In the drama program, students are encouraged to give creative and critical expression to their insights about themselves and the world.

They learn to interpret and communicate ideas and feelings through characterization, improvisation, scene work, and writing.

They also become more focused and physically aware while developing critical thinking, concentration, and observation skills.

Within the program, students engage in creative improvisation; learn to develop character, setting, dramatic action and conflict; create original dramatic pieces; enhance their interpersonal skills by working cooperatively with others; become aesthetically aware in evaluating drama; and develop their performance skills.

As an extra-curricular activity, students may elect to participate in Notre Dame Academy Drama Productions.


Notre Dame Academy music is an integrated program designed to accommodate the wide spectrum of student experiences and talents and foster a lifelong appreciation of the world%u2019s music.

Music study in grades five through eight takes many forms, including choral and instrumental ensemble participation, exploration of composition, analysis, listening and improvisation in the general music classes, and performing solo in recitals for family and friends.


Notre Dame Academy Chorus provides students with the opportunity to appreciate the work and discipline necessary for singing in a chorus, as well as the enjoyment felt from bringing a piece of music to life and the camaraderie that results from the process.

Notre Dame Academy students sing in unison, two-part, and three-part harmony.

Repertoire is drawn from a wide range of styles, periods, and cultures.

Students play an active role in exploring different choral techniques, voice parts, and repertoire. Rehearsals culminate in performances, both in school and for the larger community.