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Middle School Sport Guidelines During COVID-19

We are pleased to once again be offering our students the opportunity to participate in sports and recreational activities at our schools.

We believe there are significant health benefits for our students to be physically and socially active. In response to the Covid-19 restrictions we will be offering skill based teams for volleyball, cross country and football.

At this time there will be no league play in any of these sports. Although middle school athletics are not governed by the Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA) our middle schools are following their guidance for safe sport practices. Included in this guidance is the ability for students to participate in multiple sports cohorts. To align with current school visitor restrictions, there will be no spectators allowed at school indoor sporting events or practices.

Our MHCBE middle schools will be allowing students to participate in one school based sport and one community based sport. It is important for participants to follow the sport specific directions that each community sport is providing (i.e. soccer, hockey, dance, etc.). Additionally, if your student is interested in changing between sports during the season of play (i.e. changing from football to volleyball) they are required to sit out 14 days between joining the new team.

It is our hope that we can continue to support a successful re-entry to school while providing our students as near to normal experience, including extra-curricular sports. Please contact your school administration if you have any specific questions or require clarifications.

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